Kenshi Fan Art


Kenshi is unique. Seriously. It combines elements of different game genres creating something all its own. Kenshi is an open world game that doesn't tell you what to do. In fact it was a bit intimidating starting out but I quickly found my own path in the game. The only way to describe it is to tell you the story of my character.

I was of the Hive race and subrace drone worker. I was in a strange city lost in a vast desert. I decided to explore the city's immediate surroundings, which is when I found some copper to mine. With nothing better to do I begin the painstakingly slow process of mining. As the sun begins to set I see a group of men leaving the city I came from, they head in my direction. I think nothing of it but as they come closer I begin to hear them yelling. "Twig man!" they shout, taunting me. I ignore them, keeping my head low I continue to mine my copper. They abandon words and rush me with clubs and fists. I fall unconscious.

Waking up the next day, something in me had changed. I felt resentment towards the men who had done this to me. I'm badly injured and limping. I shuffle into town to sell off my hard earned copper, buying myself enough food to survive and travel to.. well I didn't know where and it didn't matter. I had to leave that retched city behind me. I traveled for days through many inhospitable landscapes. Narrowly avoiding patrols of slavers and bandits, passing town after town. I was nearly devoid of food and had to stop.

I took to the next town and entered a bar. I am greeted with threats and insults. More scum I thought to myself. Once I had replenished my supplies I quickly left, out into the wilderness in search of Cats, the currency in this world. I found more resources to mine nearby and got to work. After toiling day and night for weeks I had a decent stock of Cats. I went back to the bar and hired a few of its less hateful patrons and bought some building supplies. With my new allies I traveled once again into the wilderness. This time to create my own city, a safe haven, a bastion of hope in this cruel world. 

With my small town seeming secure I decide to begin training. With the help of my team I managed to capture a bandit. I practice fighting until I fall unconscious, repeating this process relentlessly. After weeks, maybe even months of training I know what I must do. I find wandering traders and buy their best weapons and armor. Fully outfitted with a group of trained men I return to where it all began. I wait outside the city's walls, safely out of sight of the guards. I see a familiar group of men leaving the cities protection. This is it. As they draw closer I spring into action charging them with my men. We take heavy losses but in the end we are victorious.

As my enemies lay on the ground dead or dying I think to myself.. Was it worth it? Was all that worth it? I stand tall over their lifeless corpses. These were the men who had taunted me. These were the men that had beaten an innocent worker drone nearly to death. As I looked over them I had to think to myself. Am I any better than them? Had I become just as hateful, just as much of a monster?.. Maybe I had, but my enemies were no more.

You can learn more about Kenshi here.

Disclaimer: We have no official relationship with Kenshi. This artwork is not for sale. (Although we'd love to license with them and make some awesome shirts and mugs for the online community!)