Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead

I'll be honest with you. CDDA is unforgiving. I tried. I failed. Many times

So I went to the one place you can learn anything, Youtube. I started watching Let's Plays and instead of learning I got sucked in. I binge watched hours and hours of Rycon's Let's Play CDDA "Elliot's Tale". I felt like I was watching a movie. With Rycon's RP and story telling style I was soon enraptured in his narration. I followed Elliot through trying times, beginning with his daring prison escape. I quickly found that this game was much more than meets the eye. 

Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead has a level of depth in the most unexpected ways. It lets you have a creative freedom rarely seen in modern RPG's. With a crafting and construction system that leaves you wondering what you can't build, not what you can. CDDA has a trait and leveling system that allows for long term enjoyment and customization. The thing is, it has so much more. More content. More ways to play.

For example; have you ever wanted to leave your weak fleshy body and become a cyborg monstrosity? You can do that, but you might lose what makes you yourself in the process.

Thinking about a road raging, blood splattering, zombie squishing, mechanical genius badass? Well you can make an armor plated semi-truck to plow through hordes of enemies while laughing like a maniac.

The mix between survival, inventory management, strategy, RP, crafting and gameplay possibilities makes this a uniquely fun game. If you can master the controls Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead has limitless playtime and potential. 

What's the price of this masterpiece, with frequent updates and a plethora of graphical choices? FREE. Completely free. This is a community driven game with a friendly and welcoming online community. It has a responsive forum and subreddit for any questions or help needed. If you like programming or making art, you can even lend your skills to keep improving this amazing project.

P.S. There is no saving. If you quit and come back you'll be where you left off, but if you die its over. No saving for that daring moment. You need to get it right, be smart and think out your strategies. Good luck out there adventurers.